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Inventions not patentable in India
July 18, 2013, 12:22 pm
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According to Section-3 of Indian patent act-1970. The following inventions are not patentable-

(a) obvious to natural laws

(b) cause damage to health of any living being

(c) living being or non-living being occurring in nature.

(d) new form of known substance with no significant improvement in efficiency

(e) mixture of two substances resulting in new substance

(f) obvious way of re-arranging things

(g) agricultural or horticultural methods

(i) any treatment for curing a disease of living beings.

(j) plants and animals, biological processes

(k) software, business methods or algorithms

(l) any copyrighted content

(m) any method of performing mental act or method of playing game

(n) a presentation of information

(o) topography of integrated circuits


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addition, substraction and multiplication of floating point numbers in IEEE single precision 32 bit format is petantable topic or not?

Comment by kalyani ahire

This doesnt look novel. It may not be patentable.

Comment by Sateesh

agricultural methods means what?
invention of new plant

Comment by gurjot singh

New techniques used in agriculture that include automated machines, drones used in agriculture etc.

Comment by Sateesh

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