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Free-up Pollution – Essential part in India
September 19, 2007, 9:08 am
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Pollution is one important entity in the world which causes major problems to the life of the people and animals. India alone has three of the world’s ten most polluted cities: Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. There will be no doubt that the greater Hyderabad will also join this list that makes four in the top list. Pollution in India is mainly caused due to increase in urban population and the their usage of technology which cause pollution. This is leading to many health problems and i think you all know the average life span of the person in India is decreased to 60 with in a span of 20years. If the same thing continues what happens to the coming generation..

In early 90’s there are vehicles like bicycles, rickshaws, etc which is used for traveling which are free of pollution. But right now there are lot of motor vehicles came into the market and coming into the market which is causing the most of the pollution in the cities. As the people are very much used with this vehicles it is not possible for the people to go back and use the bicycles and rickshaws. The only other way is to use the vehicles which cause zero pollution. Thanks to some of the companies like Tata which is developing a car(MiniCAT) that runs on compressed air which doesnt cause any pollution and initiatives taken by Pizza Hut which is conducting a trial run of the zero-pollution scooters for pizza delivery. We need more these kind of vehicles to make the people live their life with zero pollution.


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Sounds interesting. Where did you see that Pizza Hut was doing this? Is it published somewhere?

Comment by larrydag

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